Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing exploits the power of quantum mechanics for computation. Quantum bit or Qubit allows the existence of three states 0, 1, or both. There are various classical algorithms like np, which take a longer computational time. The computational time is possible to reduce with the help of superposition and Entanglement in quantum computing. Some well-known quantum algorithms are the Deutsch algorithm, Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm, QFT, Shor algorithm, Phase estimation, Grover search etc. The main obstacles of quantum computing are Decoherence, Quantum noise, physical realization, and obtaining the desired output after measurement collapsed to classical bits from Qubits. Various fields of research in quantum computing are Quantum algorithm model, Quantum noise, Physical realization, Quantum circuit, Quantum Cryptography, Search problems, and many more.

Faculty Member:

Dr. Anish Kumar Saha, Assistant Professor


Current Students:

  • Joseph L Pachuau(19-3-5-105), Ph.D. scholar, NIT Silchar, 2019-Ongoing.
  • Arnab Roy(19-3-5-106), Ph.D. scholar, NIT Silchar, 2019-Ongoing.
  • Gopal Krishna(20-3-05-118), Ph.D. scholar, NIT Silchar, 2020-Ongoing.


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