Mr. Biswanath Dey

 Assistant Professor
Industrial/Academic Experience:- Industrial 5+ Yrs, Academic 5+ Yrs


  • B.E. (CSE) [First Class with Distinction]
  • M.Tech.(IT) [Gold Medalist]
  • Ph.D.(CSE) [Ongoing]

    • President’s Gold Medal (in M.Tech.), Govt. of India
    • Distinction in Graduation, Rank Holder (in B.E.)
    • Fellowship from ISI Kolkata
    • State Govt. Merit Scholarship from Govt. of Assam
    • Nec Scholarship from Govt. of India
    • e-Governance Track – Session Chair, IEEE ICACT (South Korea)
    • Member, IEEE
    • Life Member, Computer Society of India



    • Computer Network
    • Wireless Network
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Information & Network Security
    • Theory of Computation
    • Low power sensor network
    • Ubiquitous Surveillance systems


    • Introduction to Computing
    • Data structure
    • System Programming
    • Compiler Design
    • Design and Analysis of Algorithms
    • Finite Language and Automata Theory
    • Operating System
    • Database Management System
    • Wireless Network
    • Network Security
    • Computer Network
    • Mobile Adhoc Network
    • Wireless Sensor Network


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