Sponsored Projects

Sl No Project Title PI CO-PI Amount Agency Status
1 NLP Samir Kumar Borgohain N/A USD 10000.00 IBM Ongoing
2 Brainwave Analysis Prof. Nidul Sinha Dr. S. K. Biswas 25 lakhs DEITY Ongoing
3 Speech Based MLAS - Ujwala Baruah 57.93 Lakhs DEITY Ongoing
4 Rainfall Forecasting Dr. Saroj Kumar Biswas Prof. N. Sinha & Dr. B. Purkayastha - NIT Silchar Ongoing
5 E-Healthcare (Android)   Dr. Saroj Kumar Biswas - NIT Silchar Ongoing
6 An Application of Textual Entailment and Semantic Textual Similarity in Scientific Document Retrieval System Dr. Partha Pakray N/A Rs. 18,31,000 SERB-DST (Govt of India) Completed
7 Deep Summarization Evaluation Dr. Partha Pakray Prof. Sivaji Bandyopadhyay Rs. 31 Lakhs (approx) DST-CNRS Ongoing
8 Healthcare ChatBot Dr. Partha Pakray Prof. Sivaji Bandyopadhyay - DST-ASEAN Ongoing