Centre for Natural Language Processing

 Natural Language Processing Research Centre is inaugurated on 15th December 2019 by Padma Sri  Prof. Ajay Kumar Ray in the august presence of Prof. Sivaji Bandyopadhyay, Prof. Josef van Genabith, Prof. Alain Tremeau, Prof. Paolo Rosso, Prof. Alexander Gelbukh, Prof. Punam Kumar Saha.


In a step towards making an error free world and an easier human life, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ plays pivotal role in everyday life. The wide variety of impacts it has, makes it a longstanding technique in almost every field of application. Natural Language Processing is clearly one of them ensure component of Artificial Intelligence which focuses on research on the different native languages around the world. Natural Language has always been a measure source of information.Many research communities are devoted towards specifically carving out intelligent approach to deal with natural languages. The ‘Natural Language Processing (NLP)’ research group at National Institute of Technology Silchar has showcased promising research performance in a number of NLP application domains, such as Information Retrieval, Machine Translation, Question Answering, and so on. The group is characterized by a number of dedicated scholars and faculties who hold several years of expertise in the aforesaid domains. The group has also shown active participation in funded research projects, conferences of international repute and Journal which concern NLP and its allied domains. Moreover, the publications in reputed international journals reflect global competence of the group.Therefore, to promote future research and to ensure establishment of key facilities, creation of“Center for Natural Language Processing” was inevitable. The center will gain familiarity with state-of-the-art techniques to ensure sustained research development in the field of NLP.

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