Dr. Laiphrakpam Dolendro Singh

Assistant Professor Phone: +91-8974867524 Email: ldsingh[at]cse.nits.ac.in | ldsingh.cse[at]gmail.com Date of Joining: 06/06/2018 Academic/Industrial Experience: 1+ years ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS (FULL DETAILS ) B. E. from PGPCET M.Tech from NIT Agartala PhD from NIT Manipur AREA OF INTEREST AND SPECIALISATION (INCLUDING RESEARCH AREA) Elliptic Curve Cryptography Security Watermarking Image Processing SUBJECTS TAUGHT (INCLUDING SUBJECTS CURRENTLY TEACHING) Introduction to Computer Programming Discrete Structure Cryptography and Network Security Computer Graphics Compiler Design Algorithmics SERVED AS TPC TBD. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL Khoirom Motilal Singh, Laiphrakpam Dolendro Singh, Themrichon Tuithung, “Cryptanalysis of multimedia encryption using Continue reading →

Dr. Malaya Dutta Borah

        Assistant Professor Contact Number: +91-********* Email: malayaduttaborah[at]cse.nits.ac.in  | malayaduttaborah[at]gmail.com Date of Joining: 12/06/2018 Academic/Industrial Experience: 10+ years ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS Ph.D. in Computer Science and  Engineering  from Delhi Technological University (Formerly Delhi College of Engineering), Delhi M. E. in Computer Technology and Applications from Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi B. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering from North Eastern Regional Institute  of Science and Technology, Arunachal Pradesh AREA OF INTEREST AND SPECIALISATION (INCLUDING RESEARCH AREA) Data Mining Machine Learning Deep Learning Cloud Computing e-Governance System WORK EXPERIENCE  7.10 Continue reading →

Prbhakar Sarma Neog

Assistant Professor Phone: Email: psneog@gmail.com | psneog@cse.nits.ac.in Date of Joining: Academic/Industrial Experience:   ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS (FULL DETAILS ) B. Tech. from Jorhat Engineering College M.Tech.  from IIT, Guwahati Ph.D. (Ongoing)  

Big Data

The Big Data is the most famous buzzword around the globe.  The Big Data captures & dominates the global market, and reaches wider audience, namely academician, IT industries, various scientific & many businesses organizations. How does the Big Data capture the global market in a few years, approximately, from 2009. It’s amazing to know that the Big Data can boost 60% profit margin of a business. Besides, Indeed.com has published that the most number of currently opening jobs are data scientist, data analyst, data manager, Continue reading →