Dr. Pinki Roy

Assistant Professor Grade I
Phone: +91-9101671744
Email: pinkiroy2405@gmail.com
Date of Joining: 30 August 2004
Academic/Industrial Experience: 14+ years


  •  Ph.D. from National Institute of Technology, Silchar(under IITG-NITS MOU scheme)
  •  M. Tech from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere, Maharastra
  •  B.Tech from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere, Maharastra


  • Speech Processing
  • Machine Intelligence
  • Network Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Neural Network
  • Indian Language Identification 


  • Introduction to computing
  • Computation laboratory
  • Data Structure
  • Computer Graphics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Neural Network
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • Computer Networks
  • Graph Theory
  • Topics in Network security
  • Speech Processing
  • Machine learning
  • Fundamentals of Computer Science-1 (PG)
  • Fundamentals of Computer Science-II (PG)


  • Lecturer,  Naval Institute of Technology, Colaba, Mumbai, India. (February’2004 to August 2004).
  • Assistant Professor, NIT Silchar, Assam, India (August 2004 to present).


Dr. Pinki Roy received her B. Tech degree in Computer Science & Engineering from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere, Maharastra (2002, First class with distinction) and M. Tech degree (2004, First class with distinction) from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere, Maharastra. She has received her Ph.D. degree in the year 2014 in the field of Language Identification from National Institute of Technology, Silchar, Assam-788010, India. (Under NIT-Silchar and Indian Institute of Technology-Guwahati MOU scheme). She was working as a Lecturer in Naval Institute of Technology, Colaba, Mumbai, India. (from February’2004 to August 2004). She is currently working as an Assistant Professor, NIT Silchar, Assam, India and her research interests include Language Identification, Speech Processing, Machine Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Network Security.

 Title of the Ph.D Thesis: - Automatic Identification of Indian languages based on various statistical approaches. 

Thesis Description:-Here work was mainly focussed  on  identification of Indian spoken languages especially prevalent in Northeast India.  Various existing statistical approaches were compared and a new hybrid approach was proposed for identification of Indian languages with our own recorded database. It has been proved from our experiments that our proposed hybrid approach is better than existing techniques. The research work was published in various IEEE conferences in India and abroad. Our work was also published in various unpaid international Journals like IJST, Springer (regular issue) and Inderscience. Details of the publications are given in Journals and conference listed below.


  • Introduction to computing, CS-101 , UG, 1st sem.
  • Computation laboratory,CS-102 , UG, 1st sem.
  • Data Structure, CS-201, UG, 3rd sem.
  • Computer Graphics,CS-302, UG, 5th sem. 
  • Artificial Intelligence,CS-427, UG, 7th sem.
  • System Programming,CS-301, UG, 5th sem.
  • Neural Network,UG, 8th sem. 
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms, UG, 6th sem.
  • Principles of programming language, CS-204, UG, 4th sem.
  • Computer Networks,CS-306, UG, 6th sem.
  • Graph Theory,CS-203, UG, 4th sem.
  • Topics in  Network security,CS-434 , UG, 8th sem.
  • Speech Processing, PG,2nd sem.
  • Fundamentals of Computer Science-1,PG,1st sem.
  • Fundamentals of Computer Science-II, PG, 2nd sem.
  • Machine Learning,UG 8th sem


  • “Distinguished Alumnus Award”, Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar technological university, Lonere, Maharastra, 2014.
  • “Young Scientist Award”, Venus International foundation, Chennai 2015. For major contribution in research during PhD. Profile available online in the link— http://viraw.info/ra15list/ra15/Pinki.html
  • Rastriya Gaurav Award”, India International Friendship Society, New Delhi 2015.
  • “Bharat Excellence Award”, Friendship Forum, New Delhi 2016.
  • “Best Golden personalities Award”, Friendship Forum, New Delhi 2016.
  • “Global Award for Education”, Friendship Forum, New Delhi 2016.


  • Mr. Suyel Namasudra (Full time), 2014-2017, Thesis Title: ‘Efficient and Secure Data Accessing in the Cloud Computing Environment’. (Thesis Submitted)
  • Ms. Saswati Debnath (Full time), 2015, ‘Authentication based on Audio-visual recognition of speech’. ( Research in progress)
  • Banamali Das(Full time), 2018,Research topic yet to be decided (course work in progress)
  • Sujit Kumar Das(Full time), 2018,Research topic yet to be decided(course work in progress)
  • Mr.Himanish Shekar Das (Part time), 2015,  ‘Speech processing and language identification of Indian languages’.  (Research in progress)
  • Ms.Happy Nath (Part time), 2017, ‘Medical diagnosis Expert system’. (Research in progress)
  • Mr. Binayak Das (Part time) 2017, ‘Speech based Healthcare’. (Research in progress)


  • Irshed Hussain, ‘Language Identification of spoken digits using K-ANFIS-SCG for speaker dependent system’. (Submitted 2016)
  • Nilima Ahmed, ‘Speech and Facial Feature Based Authentication System’. (Submitted 2017)


  • International conference on Signal processing and  Integrated networks, IEEE. February 20-21st,SPIN-2014.
  • 2nd International conference on Signal processing and Integrated networks, IEEE. February 19-20st,SPIN-2015.
  • IEEE International Conference on Computing, Communication and Automation, ICCCA’2015 May 15-16th,2015.
  • International Symposium on Advanced Computing and Communication’2015 September 14-15th, 2015.



  • ICCIC’2010, Coimbatore, India, ” Review of Language Identification Techniques”, 27th Dec-2010 to 30th Dec-2010.
  • ICCEE’2011 Quality hotel, Singapore, “Automatic Language Identification of three Indian Languages using Vector Quantization”, 13th Oct-2011 to 16th Oct-2011.
  • IEMCONGRESS-2014 Science city, Kolkata, “India Comparison of SVMs and NNs approach for automatic identification of Indian languages”, 28th Aug-2014 to 29th Aug-2014.
  • ICCMS-2018, Sydney, Australia “Speaker Independent Isolated Word Recognition based on ANOVA and IFS”,  8-10 January 2018.


  • Seventeenth International Workshop on Combinatorial Image Analysis Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata A Survey of Classification Techniques using Fuzzy Neural Networks for Speech Recognition 24th Nov-2015 to 27th Nov-2015.
  • Organized workshop by Dept. of CSE and Dept. of ECE, NIT- Silchar under TEQIP Image and speech signal processing 17th Dec’2008 to 19th Dec’2008.
  • ISI-NIT SILCHAR SPRING SCHOOL ON COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY: Tool AND TECHNIQUES Organized by Machine Intelligence unit, ISI Kolkata and Department of CSE, NIT-Silchar, Assam, (Attended workshop), March 20-24,2015.
  • Workshop Wiley on |”Scholarly Publishing” organized by wiley and central library, NIT Silchar, India, (Attended) 26th March’2015


  • Journal of Advanced Research & Science New journal, (yet to be uploaded and updated in the website).
  • International Journal of Computer Science & Algorithms (2015).


  • International Journal of Research in Engineering & Technology, (2013) (1 paper reviewed).
  •  IEEE International Conference on Computing, Communication and Automation, ICCCA’2015  ( 4 papers reviewed).
  • 2nd International Conference on Signal Processing and Integrated Networks, SPIN’2015 (number of papers 2).
  • International Symposium on Advanced Computing and Communication’2015 (number of papers 3).
  • International Journal of Computer Science & Algorithms, 2015 (number of papers 1).


  • Course name: Topics in Network Security. Sem: 8th, type of course: Level-8th Elective UG, 2008.
  • Course name: Neural Networks. Sem:8th, type of course: Elective, Level-UG, 2008.
  • Course name: Speech processing. Sem:8th type of course: Elective PG, 2011.


  • Delivered Guest Lecture and Hands-on training on” Introduction to speech recognition and its application” under star college project on 19th May’2014 organized by Department of computer science and its application, Karimganj college, Karimganj-788710, Assam and sponsored by Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India.
  • Honored as one of the most distinguished lady alumni from 1995 batch(Ist batch) onwards before the NAAC team members in the yr. 2015 by Computer Engineering Department of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere-402103, Maharastra, India.
  • Delivered Guest Lecture and conducted laboratory session on DST sponsored Seven day National Workshop on “Exposure to scientific software and tools for research in physical sciences”, July 25-31’2016, Department of Physics, Karimganj College. Karimganj, Assam.


          Title of thesis:”Application of Genetic Algorithms in Scheduling Problems”.

          Evaluated Ph.D. thesis as an External Examiner in November’2017.

          Name of University:-Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University.Nanded-431606(Maharashtra).


  • In charge of operating system laboratory in 2005.
  • Presently in charge of CS-11 lab having more than 50 computers.
  • Warden of Girls Hostel-1 from July’2012 to May’2013.
  • Was a member of Network Management committee on 2009.
  • Member of syllabus structure modification for B.Tech in 2006.
  • Member of Time-Table Management committee for Jan-June’2008 session.
  • Departmental annual report committee for the year 2010-2011.
  • Member of syllabus up gradation committee for B.Tech, CSE in 2011.
  • IEEE-Member 2010.
  • Member of syllabus up gradation committee for M.Tech, CSE in 2015.
  • Member, PG Accredition committee For e-SAR , 2015 to present.
  • Member, DPMC,Departmental PhD Monitoring committee, August 2017 to present.
  • Executive member of “Children of Hope India”, an NGO run by the students of NIT-Silchar.


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  • Suyel Namasudra, Pinki Roy, Pandi Vijayakumar, Sivaraman Audithan, Balamurugan Balusamy,” Time efficient secure DNA based access control model for cloud computing environment, Future Generation Computer Systems” (SCIE Indexed).
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  • Pinki Roy, “Language Recognition of Three Indian Languages based on clustering and supervised Learning”, International Conference on Computer Applications 2010, ICCA’2010, 24-27 December 2010, Pondicherry, India, pp. 77-82, doi: 10.3850/978-981-08-7302-8_1287.
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  • Pinki Roy, Panchali Roy, Manas Das,” Status of Indian women workforce: problems and issues”, International seminar on Gender, Education & female child labor: A sociological perspective, Department of Bengali, Assam university, Silchar, April 23-25,2013.
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