Principles of Big Graph: In-depth Insight

Call for Book Chapter: To be published in Advances in Computers, Elsevier (Indexed in: SCIE, Web of Science, Scopus etc.) [IF: 1.833] Big Graph is one of the most recent emerging research fields which is gaining enormous popularity among academicians, industrialists, and practitioners. Also, Big Graph is applied in many research domains, for instance, Bioinformatics, Social networking, Computer Networking, Complex Networks, Data Streaming and many more. Big Graph has become an important research field due to ever growing data size. Conventional Graph databases and analytics Continue reading →

Health Informatics: A Computational Perspective in Healthcare

Call for Book Chapter Healthcare 2020: Computing Technique is one of the key technologies that is being currently used to perform medical diagnostics in the Healthcare domain, thanks to the abundance of medical data being generated and collected. Nowadays, medical data is available in many different forms like MRI images, CT Scan images, EHR data, Test reports, histopathological data, Doctor Patient conversation data, etc. This opens up huge opportunities for the application of computing techniques, to derive data driven models that can be of very Continue reading →