Optimization Techniques

Optimization techniques are a powerful set of tools for solving complex real-world problems. The application domain has grown manifold in recent years, covering almost all engineering and science disciplines. On the technological front, many new algorithms are designed by taking inspirations from different natural phenomena, resulting in some of the popular algorithms such as Genetic Algorithm (GA) based on Darwin’s principle of survival of the fittest, Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) based on the foraging behaviour of ants, Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) based on the behaviour of birds flocking in swarms and many more. On the application front, irrespective of the source of inspirations, nature-inspired algorithms are suitable for most of the challenging applications dealing with current complexities of life in this 21st century. Fields of interest are as follows:

  • Linear Optimization
  • Meta-heuristics
  • Nature-inspired Optimization
  • Applications

Faculty Members:

Current Students:

  • Debojyoti Sarkar, Pursuing PhD at NIT Silchar
  • Saifuddin Ahmed, Pursuing PhD at NIT Silchar
  • Mainak Deb, Pursuing BTech at NIT Silchar
  • Samiksha Kulkarni, Pursuing BTech at NIT Silchar
  • Krishna Yelleti, Pursuing BTech at NIT Silchar
  • Soujanya Biswas, Pursuing BTech at NIT Silchar
  • Viveka Meena, Pursuing BTech at NIT Silchar

 Sponsored Research Projects:

SL No Project Title Principal Investigator Co-Investigator Amount Sponsor Status
1. Optimal Solution Evaluation Dr. Anupam Biswas N/A Rs. 23.36 Lakhs SERB-DST Ongoing


  • Suganya Devi K.,  Sivaji Bandyopadhyay, P.Srinivasan, Vadaparthi Nagesh,   Golluguri  N V Raja Reddy,  “An Efficient Artificial Fish Swarm Optimization based method for Disease Detection in Oryza Sativa”,  Australian Patent 2021105554. (Accepted)


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