Ripon Patgiri

Assistant Professor
Phone: +91-9508631596
Email: ripon[at] | ripon[at] | ripon.patgiri[at]
Date of Joining: 22/04/2013
Academic/Industrial Experience: 4+ years



    • B. Tech. from IETE
    • M.Tech.  from IIT, Guwahati
    • Ph.D. (Ongoing)



    • Big Data
    • File System
    • Storage System
    • Large-Scale Computing
    • Apache Hadoop and MapReduce
    • Data-intensive Computing


    • Introduction to Computer Programming
    • Data Structures
    • Algorithm Design & Analysis
    • Computer Networking
    • Cloud Computing


    • In-Charge of “The Blade” Server.
    • In-Charge of “Data Science & Analytic Lab”, Lab No. 18
    • Co-coordinator of HPC, NIT Silchar


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    Book Chapter

    1. Dipayan Dev and Ripon Patgiri, “A Deep Dive into the Hadoop World to explore its various performances“,  in the book “Techniques and Environments for Big Data Analysis “, in the book “Techniques and Environments for Big Data Analysis-Parallel, Cloud, and Grid Computing”, vol. 17, pp 31-51, February, 2016, ISSN: 2197-6503, publisher-Springer International Publishing, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-27520-8_3.


    • NMEICT, Two weeks workshop on Introduction to Algorithm, Workshop coordinator, 25-30 May 2015.
    • National Workshop on Emerging Trends in Information Technology in University Management, As Workshop Resource Person, Date- 25 to 27th August, 2015, NIT Silchar. Talk-
      1.  “Big Challenges in Big Data: A Tale of 7Vs“,
      2. A Modern Weapon in Learning: Learning Management System“,
      3. Quick Academic Analysis: Management Information System
    • Joint-coordinator, Four-days Workshop on Multi-agent System and Its Applications in Engineering, from April, 01-04, 2016
    • Coordinator, Cloud Computing and Network (Cloud-NET 2017), 11-16 March 2017.



    • Associate Member of IETE
    • Member of IEEE
    • Member of ACM
    • Member of EAI